1. Serious ponderance

    Is it considered uncouth to munch on a sandwich in the middle of Barnes & Noble?

    I work remotely a day or two a week to cut back on commute time, and often set up shop in the local bookstore cafe - to cut costs, I prefer to brown-bag. However, I always feel so out of place with my massive lunch spread amongst the books and coffee - like fellow patrons are staring. And judging.


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  4. Obligatory post-grad post

    Well, its over. I graduated TCNJ last Friday (the 13th!) and after approximately 10 days of pure, unadulterated laziness, I step into the shoes of a real person tomorrow morning and trek up to Westfield for my first day of work.

    1. You know how every graduating senior has his or her inevitable crying jag - when the last assignment is turned in, the room is all packed up, the president makes her speech at the Champagne Toast (part of Senior Week, which, by the way, was AWESOME. Kind of like the last meal before execution - why yes, I’m the sunniest person alive, why do you ask? - but amazing nonetheless), etc.? Well, I was haunted by MINE on the football field during the main graduation ceremony surrounded by thousands of fellow graduates and spectators. Embarrassing.  
    2. For the record, I was around .04 GPA points away from Cum Laude. SO CLOSE, YET SO FAR. I blame the TCNJ French department.

    This whole turn of events hasn’t really sunk in yet. I’ll post again in a panicked state of depression when it does.

    OK. off to try and calm my frazzled nerves before resting up for the first day of the rest of my life.

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  5. That awkward moment

    When Jesus called in sick to work.

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  6. It blows my mind

    How renting a luxury high-rise apartment in South Jersey/Philadelphia is cheaper than renting a roach-infested shoebox in North Jersey.

    Too bad my job, my social life and the core of civilization are located in the latter.


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  8. Insurance



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